Performance Investment Management (PIM)

Performance Investment Management (PIM) was founded in 2006 to bring a unique investment management strategy within the reach of the individual investor.

PIM focuses on combining the diversification of multiple asset classes with the protection of using option positions to limit downside risk to the portfolio.

Individual portfolios are adjusted for return and risk, taking into account the investable assets of the client, age and retirement goals, and the overall risk tolerance.

PIM can provide professional investment magagement service to investors having $50,000 or more to invest in either retirement or non-retirement accounts.

All the assets are managed separately in accounts at TD Ameritrade, America’s foremost discount broker. Clients can view their statements, portfolio assets and trade activiity on the TD Ameritrade website.

If you think our PIM investment strategy might be suitable for your investable assets, please contact us to schedule a telephone conference.

Contact Information

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